Employment Contract Disputes

employment contract Orlando FloridaDoctors, executives, key employees, healthcare professionals, officers, directors are only a small fraction of the types of individuals who enter into Employment Agreements with an employer. Most of the time, these agreements are drafted by the employer and the employer gives the employee a token opportunity to have the contract reviewed by counsel, but in most cases that is not done. Even well drafted contracts fail to take into account all situations that might arise during the employment term, and too often employers violate the terms of contracts they sign with their employees by terminating them early, failing to pay bonuses or incentive payments or failing to provide stock or equity as set forth in the agreement.

Dean is dedicated to helping Orlando employees enforce employment contracts against violations of their terms. Dean will personally handle all employment contract dispute cases. He has been handling contract employment disputes for over twenty years. Some of the issues he has litigated include contract disputes, non-compete agreements, restrictive covenants, severance, and separation issues.

Employment contract dispute Dean Constantine PapasDean can also assist employees in reviewing an employment contract before it is signed or explain its terms in the event during the contract period, the employer interprets the contract differently than how the employee understands it. Before you enter into an employment contract that may affect your salary, benefits, severance package, or future ability to work, you should review your rights and obligations with an experienced employment contracts attorney. Dean has experience counseling individuals preparing to enter into an employment agreement. He will review all of your options and alternatives and assist you in negotiating an employment contract agreement that safeguards your rights.